WHY BIG CITY ROOFING of N.Y. NRG Construction?

N.Y. NRG Construction is a residential, commercial and industrial roofing contractor serving clients throughout the state of New York. Whether it's installing a new roof or extending the life of your existing roof with preventive maintenance were cognizant of your daily operations and the significance of performing our job in an efficient & quality manner.

N.Y. NRG Construction, Inc. is the full service roofing company that will be with you for the life of your roof. Why N.Y. NRG Construction's Roofing New York? Because of our.......


Having been in business since 1987, we have experience with all the top-quality roofing systems available in today's marketplace; from all the major manufactures. Our intimate knowledge of each of these roof systems allows us to provide our clients with the necessary information to make the best decision for their facility and business.


N.Y. NRG Construction is certified by the manufacturer to install every roof system we offer. Our clients can be assured their roof is being installed to the manufacturer's specification. Therefore, we are able to offer manufacture's warranties in varying lengths, and if need be make repairs on behalf of the manufacturer.


Experienced crews overseen by seasoned foremen and superintendents provide N.Y. NRG Construction the expertise necessary to complete jobs in a timely - efficient manner. Causing minimal site disturbance or production interruptions.


Safety is job #1 on every N.Y. NRG Construction Roofing project. We do everything that necessary to make our work are very safe and we make sure to follow OSHA guidelines.


N.Y. NRG Construction n is available to complete roofing projects at locations anywhere in the state of New York. Over 25 years of roofing experience, size, and expertise N.Y. NRG Construction is able to be flexible and thus capable to divert resources to complete even the biggest jobs, anywhere in the state, in a timely manner. See Contact Us for more information on our locations.


The N.Y. NRG Construction Service Department is available 24-hours a day, and available onsite within 1-2 hours of your emergency call. The N.Y. NRG Construction Service Department employs many field-repair / service technicians whom are on the road daily. All technicians have a minimum of 10 years roof service & repair experience. Onsite capability, all technician vehicles are equipped to repair / service any roof system problem they encounter.